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Technical Papers

The Engineering Department of Future Pipe Industries has written a number of documents on various subjects as a service to its customers. Some of those documents are included here as PDF files.

A Comparison of Two Joining Methods
This paper provides a wide range of data on two of the more common joining methods used with fiberglass piping systems.

A Comparison of Two Fabrication Methods
This paper does the same in comparing shop fabricated systems versus field installed loose pipe and fittings systems.

A Comparison to Traditional Metallic Materials
This paper provides design information on fiberglass composites by comparing its properties to carbon and stainless steels, titanium, and copper-nickel.

Designing for Various Loading Conditions: A Comparison of Currently Available Design Philosophies
This paper provides compares various codes and standards, such as ASME B31.3 and BS7159, and their design approach for FRP materials.

A Description of Engineering Services
This paper provides a summary of the various engineering services that should be considered when designing an FRP piping system.

Column Pipe Applications on Offshore Structures
This paper provides information on using FRP in "column pipe" applications.

Developing a Design Envelope for GRP According to ISO14692
This paper provides information on how to develop a design envelope for GRP materials according to ISO14692, addressing both short term and long term allowables and hoop, axial, and bending stresses.

These are just a few examples of some of the technical documents available to users of FIBERBOND® Piping Systems. For more information, go to Contact Us and send an email to one of our North America contacts.