Future Pipe Industries is the only supplier of advanced composite piping that offers complete, single-source supply of design, fabrication, and installation of fully warranted systems for marine, offshore, and industrial market applications. Most other suppliers provide "piece parts" from catalog sheets, and will warrant only the performance of individual components, even when joined using catalog parts, processes and adhesives. Only FIBERBOND® Pipe Systems are designed, produced, installed, tested, and certified as complete systems.

Future Pipe Industries supports the application and use of FIBERBOND® piping systems with complete services for a simple reason - to ensure the success of your project. If a customer has a problem it can usually be traced to poor engineering design and/or poor installation procedures. By offering a turn-key approach, customers of Future Pipe Industries have a single-source responsibility and are assured the system will perform as expected. Our philosophy is to offer inclusive services, from design support in the engineering phase, to manufacturing and shop fabrication, and finally to field assembly during installation, to ensure that major construction projects are completed efficiently. This approach is far more effective, and results in more reliable, durable installations than if the systems were independently designed, purchased as loose pipe and fittings, and field fabricated at the job site. This allows us to offer a unique to the industry, installed pipe warranty.

With this approach, our customers get the peace of mind that comes from employing proven experts in the fabrication and installation of fiberglass and advanced composite piping systems for their installation.

Design Engineering Capabilities

We maintain the most advanced engineering design capabilities in the composite pipe industry. Our detail design engineering based on "Fitness for Purpose" uses micromechanics to determine mechanical properties of advanced composite pipe and fittings as a function of the reinforcements. We provide integrated engineering assistance to generate spool drawings and provide system stress analysis. We have advanced research and development capabilities for specific applications such as caissons, firewater column pipe, firewater deluge systems, and fire barriers. The Future Pipe Industries' engineering team has demonstrated expertise as evidenced by the award of an Advanced Technology Grant by the United States Department of Commerce to develop advanced composite pipe systems for the offshore oil and gas industry

Field Installation Capabilities

Future Pipe Industries provide experienced field service crews to install FIBERBOND® pipe systems around the world. These are expert field mechanics with proven expertise, knowledgeable in the technology and nuances of fiberglass and composite piping systems. In some cases, quick decisions need to be made at the job site about details not previously known from drawings, such as physical obstructions. Future Pipe Industries' installation teams include mechanics with decades of experience. Their expertise can help keep the project on track, maintain the integrity of the piping system, and ensure an efficient and effective installation. The result is a startup that performs to design expectations. Trained field crews are available for dispatch installations around the world. Future Pipe Industries maintains highly skilled crews of mechanics and supervisors, to allow the simultaneous completion of several "field jobs" at once. It is not unusual for Future Pipe Industries to have crews at two or more major shipyards and multiple chemical/industrial plants at any given time. If your plant uses fiberglass piping and faces the cost typically associated with even a "planned" shutdown, you need experts from Future Pipe Industries on the job, to finish on time and on budget.

Future Pipe Industries' expert field service personnel are also called upon frequently to connect, check out, commission, repair, and replace piping on platforms and ships at sea. The unique field-friendly methods used by these technicians usually allow the process to take place without interrupting production, or while ships remain under way.

Future Pipe Industries has supplied, installed, and performed offshore hookup of FIBERBOND® piping for dozens of the world's most innovative offshore platforms, including Spar's, TLP's, Compliant Tower's and FPSO's.

Turn-Key System Capabilities

Why worry about the myriad of engineering details only to end up with a problematic piping system? The many benefits of FIBERBOND® piping systems can best be realized by making us responsible and accountable for a turn-key system. We handle the details, we sweat the small stuff, we manhandle the physical challenges and Future Pipe Industries' expert fiberglass and composite piping team makes sure that startup is exactly as planned.