Series 20HV, 20HV-C, 20HV(FDA), 20HV(FDA)-C

Series 20FR-E, 20FR-EC

Series 20FR16, 20FR16-C

Series 20FR20, 20FR20-C

Series 20JF, 20JF-C

Series 20JF16, 20JF16-C

Series 110FW

Series 20HV-D

Series 20HV Column Pipe

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Future Pipe Industries developed FIBERBOND®, advanced composite piping systems in 1981, from the discoveries made during a special U.S. Navy program aimed at improving the general design and durability of fiberglass pipe for shipboard service. Today, Future Pipe Industries continues to design, produce, and install the most cost-effective, durable, and fire resistant fiber-reinforced piping in the world, using the latest technology in filament winding, laminating, and composite bonding methods.

All FIBERBOND® pipe and fittings are fiberglass products manufactured in a resin matrix reinforced with glass fibers. The resin systems vary from isophthalic polyesters and epoxy vinyl esters to specialty resins for custom applications. The glass reinforcement includes filament rovings and unidirectional and bi-directional woven products. Future Pipe Industries' continuing development of the FIBERBOND® product line keeps in mind the important needs of a lightweight, corrosion resistant product that is economical and reliable. Additional development goes into products with specific characteristics, such as fire endurance, electrical conductivity, and low smoke and low products of combustion.

FIBERBOND® Engineered Composite Piping Systems are an economical choice for use in corrosive fluid transport. The FIBERBOND® product is an alternative to stainless steels, copper-nickel pipe, other alloys, and other reinforced and non-reinforced plastics at temperatures up to 250F (121c) and pressures up to 290psig (20 barg).

Advantages of FIBERBOND® Piping Systems

  • Corrosion Resistant - both internally and externally
  • Lightweight
  • Design Flexibility
  • Economical
  • Excellent Flow Properties
  • Low Heat Transfer Properties
  • No Glue Joints - the FIBERBOND® TigerWrap™ can be visually inspected and tested for degree of cure prior to hydrotesting
  • Excellent Fire Endurance - without the use of fire blankets, insulation, intumescent coatings, or phenolic resins
  • Type Approvals - from ABS, Lloyds, DNV and the USCG
  • Electrically Conductive Products, when needed - grounding system is more reliable and easier to install than a discrete-conductive filament system
  • Design Catalogs - available in Aveva's VPDMS
FIBERBOND® Fiberglass Piping Systems

All FIBERBOND® Piping Series use a glass-fiber reinforcement bound in a resin matrix. The glass-fibers provide the strength and the resin matrix provides the superior corrosion resistance. Together, the composite attains the excellent properties of both components. The FIBERBOND® Fiberglass Piping Series are filament wound products using a winding angle of 54°, which is the principal axis of loading for internal pressure. FIBERBOND® Series 20HV, 20FR-E, 20FR16, 20FR20, 20JF, and 110FW among others, utilize this winding pattern.

For more detailed information on specific FIBERBOND® products, including mechanical specifications, please visit the Engineering Data section of this website.

FIBERBOND® Custom Piping Systems

In addition to the FIBERBOND® Fiberglass Piping Series, Future Pipe Industries also offers a custom line of piping systems. FIBERBOND® custom products are pipe systems engineered by Future Pipe Industries to meet individual customer specifications. By customizing the system, an optimum pipe product is produced saving the customer time and material.

The custom products offered in the FIBERBOND® line are engineered, manufactured, fabricated, and installed by Future Pipe Industries. It has always been the goal of Future Pipe Industries to offer custom-engineered products in lieu of standard or "commodity" products.