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Installation Specifications

Document downloads currently available from our IS.E10 document, Installation Specifications, are listed below. All downloads are in PDF format.

Recommended Flange Torques

Flange Bolting Details

Pipe Support Details
(Note, these are general support details. For supports specific to each product line, click here and scroll down to the product.)
Figure 90 - FRP "Dummy" Leg (190K PDF)
Figure 210 - FRP Wear Pad (137K PDF)
Figure 226 - FRP Wear Pad w/ U-Bolt (190K PDF)
Figure 230 - Steel Anchor (196K PDF)
Figure 232 - Low Profile Steel Anchor (159K PDF)
Figure 240 - Steel Riser Clamp (154K PDF)

Bonding Procedures for FIBERBOND® Fiberglass Piping Systems
Bonding Procedures Booklet (614K PDF)