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Our physical address in the USA is:
15915 Perkins Road - Baton Rouge, LA 70810-3630 U.S.A.

Snail mail is:
P.O. Box 83277 - Baton Rouge, LA 70884-3277.

Telephone is +1 (225) 752-2705 or (800) 752-7473.
Fax is +1 (225) 752-2757.

Comments, complaints, suggestions for improvement? Go to to answer a few questions and submit your comments.

For specific contacts or email, contact the following:

North America Contacts:

Kevin Schmit, PE
+1 (225) 752-2705
+1 (225) 405-7967 (mobile)
GM, Engineering Manager

Rick Lea
+1 (225) 752-2705
+1 (225) 978-3857 (mobile)
Director, Offshore Sales

Steve Kirkland
+1 (225) 752-2705
+1 (225) 907-8819 (mobile)
International Sales

G.W. "Chipper" Dawson
+1 (225) 752-2705
+1 (225) 405-7966 (mobile)
Field Services Manager

Jeff Savoy
+1 (225) 752-2705
+1 (225) 405-7529 (mobile)
Director of Finance and Administration

Jason Schexnayder
+1 (225) 752-2705
Project Engineer

Jerry Peck
+1 (225) 752-2705
Product Engineer

For a list of our worldwide contacts, click here


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American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) (

To view the latest type approval certificates from the USCG, goto and type in "Specialty Plastics" as the manufacturer name.

To view the USCG's PFM1-98 (Policy File Memorandum on the Fire Performance Requirements for Plastic Pipe on Offshore Floating Production Platforms), goto or

Alliance Safety Council (

American Composites Manufacturer's Assn (ACMA) ( (formerly the CFA, Composites Fabricators Association)

Interested in safety records? Visit or Our SSQ is updated on the PEC/Premier site and our MSQ is updated on the ISNetworld site.

Looking for precast concrete buildings? There is another site unrelated to us at (note the spelling of fibre, not fiber). If you end up purchasing some items from them, ask them to include a finder's fee for FIBERBOND® in Baton Rouge :-)

Looking for gypsum wallboard? Well, that's not us either. Visit Louisiana-Pacific at

Check out the LSU sports site at (yes, we are Tiger fans here).

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