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The FIBERBOND® 110FW Fiberglass Piping Series is a fiberglass reinforced pipe product manufactured by filament winding utilizing a premium grade novolac based (high temperature) epoxy vinyl ester resin and a 110-mil (2.80mm) liner, suitable for design pressures up to 150 psig (10.3 bar) and temperatures up to 250F (121c).  The 110FW standard product is available in 1" to 24" (DN25 - DN600) nominal inside diameters, with custom products up to 60" (DN1500).

Mechanical specifications (moduli, strengths, ASTM codes, data for stress analysis programs)

Product Summary - Series 110FW

General information (O.D.s, thicknesses, pipe weights, areas)

Support spacing (provides recommended support spacing based on an allowable deflection of 0.5in (13mm) and various allowable stresses from 500 to 1,500psi (3.4 - 10.3MPa))

Vacuum rating (provides vacuum ratings based on ISO14692)

General specifications (3-page specification)

Fittings and Flanges
Fittings Guide
Click above for the Fittings Guide for this product. Information takeouts for fittings and flanges, pipe O.D.s and weights are included in this document.

Guidance on Flange Neck Lengths
Click above to view a guidance document to assist those with the layout of FIBERBOND® flanges.

Tabulated Summary of Flange Neck Lengths
Click above for a one-page tabulated summary of the neck lengths for Fig.10 flanges.

Gasket Recommendations

Guidance on Pup Pieces
Click above to view a guidance document to assist those with the layout of FIBERBOND® fittings.

Special Fittings and Examples
Click above to view a PDF file with special fittings and examples.

VPDMS, PDS, and AutoCAD Catalogs
Catalogs in VPDMS and PDS as well as drawings in AutoCAD are available from Specialty Plastics. This information is not available on this website, but can be obtained by contacting Specialty Plastics via email to or . Be sure to mention which product (20FR-E, 20HV, 20JF, etc.) when requesting this information.

Basic Pipe Supports

Engineering Guide
Our general engineering guide applies to all FIBERBOND® Fiberglass piping products. The guide contains design information on how to deal with expansion, supports, hydraulics, and other engineering issues.

General Installation Specification
Our general installation specification discussing basic inspection, handling & storage, certification, QA, testing, and health & safety.

Recommended Flange Torques

Flange Bolting Details

General Bonding Procedures
Our bonding booklet has general information on bonding procedures for FIBERBOND® materials using the composite butt weld bonding method.